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Our Story

FLYWEAR7  travel wear was conceived at the height of the pandemic when travelers could be seen rushing through airports in ill-fitting hazmat suits that only supermodels could look good in. Our team was inspired to reinvent  a travel safe, travel smart and travel in style alternative. 

. . . And so FLYWEAR7  was born—redefining the way we move through the world travel wear that takes you anywhere you want to go. 

We now want to dress for the moment—the new post pandemic moment—with apparel that will bring us out into the world safely, offer us some peace of mind and still look cool, stylish and comfortable. 

FLYWEAR7’s all purpose clothing are made of ultra durable high-tech DuPont™ Tyvek® material. The material is lightweight and versatile, breathable yet water resistant and 100 % recyclable. Protects your clothes from everyday dirt and grim. Feel covered, feel protected.