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Shoulder Stripe


Merging fashion and function, F7’s high-performance protective suit is made of DuPont™ Tyvek®. It is lightweight and versatile, breathable yet water-resistant and 100 % recyclable. It is easy to clean, easy to fold, and easy to carry in the pouch it comes in. Throw it on over your clothes or as a statement jumpsuit.

  • The suit has an adjustable waist for a flattering fit, elasticated wrist, and ankles for added protection. 
  • The chic high collar provides extra protection with full coverage of the nose and mouth when zipped up all the way
  • A protective hood is located within the collar and can be rolled and worn when needed.
Flywear7 suits are unisex. Size 1 would be the best fit for any body type and height up to 5'11. Size 2 would be the best fit for any body type and height over 6 feet.

Blue and Red Stripe 

Green and Red Stripe
Khaki and Red Stripe
Black and Red Stripe

• Looks good on all body types and flatters all figures.

• Soft,  pliable, super light and breathable. 

Feels like fabric but it not, feels like paper but its not.

• Water-repellant, washable. Please review our suggestions on how to clean.

• Resilient and provides an ideal balance of protection and durability.

• Disposable and recyclable.

• Made in Paraguay by a family of Women.


Shoulder Stripe